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ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE has inspired over 1,000 youths to live well through a creative dance program. The program started with 1 teacher and 11 students and has grown to serve up to 200 students along with 3 interns and 5 dance instructors. With our program, we have helped students build self-esteem, encourage positive body image through physical activity along with health and nutrition education. We are a growing studio that “Changes Lives through the Art of Dance”.

ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE engages youth ages 2.5 to 18 in a year-long dance program that will teach them various forms of professional dance and living a healthy lifestyle. Each year ICE STUDIOS teaches parents and families awareness about healthy eating, exercise, and how to support their children by encouraging dedication to dance.

ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE students complete the yearly program with an exciting, themed dance recital to showcase their progress, dedication, and hard work. The dance recital has an attendance of over 1,000 family, friends, and community supporters to inspire the students.

ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE spends over 100 hours each month creating a legacy to make a major difference in helping our youths become healthy stewards of society. Our dance program provides a positive outlet to explore the discipline of dance, and have positive self-images in a creative dance space.


ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE Is a nonprofit dance studio that offers professional dance classes to students of different ages and physical abilities with an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition.

ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE was inspired in 2008 through the success and creative talents of Isha Williams better known as “Ms. Ice”. As the program coordinator and choreographer of the various school and community programs (KCMSD/Afterschool), dance showcases and parent involvement in the urban core, which lead Ms. Ice to create her own dance studio. 


As a performing arts dance studio, we exist to teach the youth and help them build a healthy lifestyle in a positive and creative environment.


Our Vision at ICE STUDIOS SCHOOL OF DANCE is to provide a creative space using dance, theatre, and physical fitness with inspired themes music and curriculum.  We strive to condition the bodies and minds of young people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Isha "ICE" Williams

Founder/Artistic Director/Dance Teacher

Isha C. Williams is better known as “Ms. Ice” is one of the most talented and creative choreographers/dancers/ in Kansas City, MO. Her training in performing arts began when she was only five years old in St. Louis, MO at a small dance studio called “Pledge Wren Green School of Dance”. Even though she began her career and experiences of dancing in St. Louis it continues today into the streets of Kansas City, MO.

Ms. Ice has over 20 years of experience in dance. Some of her dance specialties are  Praise Dance (liturgical dance), Hip Hop, Tap, African Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Step. Some of the organizations that she has worked for are Chameleon Youth Arts, Theatre of Imagination, City in Motion Dance Studio, Tajazz School of Dance, Providence School of the Arts, Association of Black Collegians Dance Company, Warrensburg, MO, University of Missouri Jackson County 4-H, and Kacico Dance Company.

Dancing has really changed her life in a positive way. Her ability to dance over the years has made her the great instructor/dancer that she is today. Dancing has always been a way of life for Ms. Ice because she loves using her gifts to help others.

Jillian Kramschuster 


Jillian Kramschuster started her dance training at Jo Noth’s Dance Academy and later on began taking classes at Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey and Culture House. She has attended dance intensives with KCFAA, Kansas School of Classical Ballet, Deeply Rooted Dance Chicago, Martha Graham and Wylliams/Henry.

She is a current sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory. Last year she was in pieces created by professors Gary Abbot and Ronn Tice for the Fall Dance Concert as well as the Senior Capstone projects in February.

She also had the opportunity to perform in the Bach collaboration with the piano majors. Jillian recently performed pieces created by Gary Abbot and Micheal Blake in the Spring Dance Concert. She teaches ballet at ICE Studios School of Dance. 

Christen Hines


Christen Hines is now 19 years old and attends Johnson County Community College.  She began dancing at Ice Studios School Of Dance at the age of 5. Then moved to Dramatic Truth School Of The Arts and has been there for 12 years. With Dramatic Truth she has traveled with the Company as a trainee company member for 3 years. Has performed at concerts and school functions. And has had the opportunity to perform in Time Square, New York City with them.

Christen has performed in many various performances with artists from around the world. She has also danced with Storling Conservatory in their Underground performance at Kauffman for 3 years.

In the summer of 2019 she became an intern and teacher assistant at Ice studios. She helps teach the little kids ballet and tap and teens Contemporary and jazz and has enjoyed every moment!

 Azia Gambrell


Gambrell is 24 years old and from Lawton, Oklahoma. Azia attended the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri Kansas-City where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography in May 2020. Teaching is a passion of hers and she enjoys dance movement due to its ability to inspire positive change across the globe and understands how movement can help incite change in oneself and society. 

Kalei Porter


My real first name is Kalamakaleimahoehoe, but you don't have to worry about calling me that! Everyone calls me Kalei. I have been dancing for almost 20 years and teaching for 5+ years. I have studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe, Pom, Hip Hop, and acrobatics/flexibility. Before I started teaching at ICE Studios, I was the President of the Simmons College Dance Company in Boston, MA and a member of the Colleges of the Fenway Dance Company. Although I studied and performed many styles with these groups, I focused on Contemporary. Now, I am passionate about helping kids fall in love with dance just like I did!

Denise Phillips


Denise, a native of Kansas City, grew up dancing at Dolly Ardens Dance Studio in Grandview Missouri, where she studied and performed tap, Jazz, ballet, and tumbling.

Denise returned to the UMKC Conservatory and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and dance in 1998. There she studied ballet with Paula Weber and Mary Pat Henry; modern from Leni Williams, Deanna Hyett, and Catherine Plavkan; Jazz and Flamenco from Tamara Carson.

Denise has 20 years of experience, teaching all ages, dancing and choreographing for college musicals, Studios, and church musicals, and the Action House community program for kids. She continues her passion of teaching, currently as an adjunct professor, at Johnson County Community College, for Ballet. Modern. And Jazz; and Instructor at Ice Studios School of Dance, and Dancerz Unlimited; and hopes to keep inspiring people of all ages to dance!